Meet the Chiropractor

Dr. Michael J. Cohen  

Native to South Florida

Dr. Michael J. Cohen, or Dr. Mickey as his staff and patients refer to him, has practiced in this area for more than 25 years. He earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1993 from Life University in Marietta, Georgia, and he currently lives in the Fort Lauderdale area with his wife, Sue, and their two sons, Daniel and Jason.

An Experienced Professional

Dr. Mickey has experience treating a wide variety of painful conditions. In addition to injuries resulting from auto accidents, workplace incidents, and daily life, Dr. Mickey is well-versed in spine and neck injuries related to sports and recreation, such as golfing, boating, and fishing. In his Plantation office, Dr. Mickey has treated many professional athletes and teams, and he looks forward to sharing that expertise with coastal residents in Fort Lauderdale.

Professional Accomplishments

  • Advanced training in exercise physiology, nutrition, sports performance and injury, pediatrics, maternity care, and chiropractic biophysics
  • Physician’s certification in worker’s compensation, chiropractic biophysics, pro-sport seminars, and Pettibon technique
  • CLEAR Institute certification for scoliosis correction
  • Member of:
    • International Chiropractors Association
    • Florida Chiropractic Society
    • Sports Council
    • Florida Academy of Chiropractic
    • Southern Chiropractic Association
    • Professional Baseball Chiropractic Society, Board of Representatives
    • National League East
  • Team chiropractor for the Miami Marlins, the Colorado Rockies, the Washington Nationals, and World Baseball Classic Chiropractor (WBC) 2006, 2009, 2013,and 2017
  • Radio: "Health through Chiropractic" WAVS 1170 AM, WEXY 1520 AM
  • Television: "Healthy Living" Media One Cable, Channel 19 · "High Performance Health & Healing" Channel 19

Dr. George Kaldas

Dr. George Kaldas


Dr. George Kaldas was born in Cairo, Egypt and lived there for 10 years. At the age of 10 he and his family moved to Pompano Beach, FL where he still lives to this day. Dr. George had a passion for health, wellness, and science from a young age, and how the body is able to heal itself with proper musculoskeletal structure and biomechanics. Dr. George eventually went to Florida Atlantic University to complete his Bachelor of Science in Biology, then acquired his Doctorate degree at Palmer College of Chiropractic.

Dr. George is driven to help patients suffering from all sorts of medical conditions. He believes in treating each patient as a whole and not just a collection of symptoms, which is why patient education is a key step of Dr. George’s treatment. Dr. George is proficient in the knowledge and information of Chiropractic techniques which include Spinal Decompression, Spinal manipulation, Extremity manipulation, Diversified technique, Thompson technique, Arthrostim protocol, Pettibon, Kinesiology Tape, and Therapeutic exercises.

During his free time Dr. George enjoys being active, he likes to play soccer with his church team and table tennis. He will typically plan hiking trips during the winter and visit many of the historical landmarks.